Spectralink Wireless Phones

Is your corded phone keeping you chained to your desk? Spectralink’s wireless telephones allow you to move freely throughout the workplace while delivering continuous voice and data communications. You’ll never miss a call! With the power of workplace mobility, your entire organization realizes enhanced worker productivity and improved levels of service to all your customers. Spectralink phones integrate with your existing phone system and provide Desk Phone functionality to a Wireless handset.

There are three Spectralink wireless portfolios to choose from:

Wi-Fi (Voice-over Wireless LAN) solutions for enterprise IP and legacy PBX systems

The Spectralink 8000 Portfolio wireless telephones operate on converged voice and data Wi-Fi infrastructure and significantly improve employee mobility, responsiveness, and productivity. The two lines within the portfolio, the Spectralink 84-Series and Spectralink 80-Series are the market-leading, enterprise-grade converged Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) solutions supporting SIP, proprietary VoIP, digital TDM, and analog PBX interfaces.

900Mhz solutions over a dedicated voice network

The Spectralink 6000 Portfolio is a dedicated wireless voice system that provides the highest level of reliability and security with minimal administration and maintenance. It’s also the preferred choice of more enterprises in North America than any other wireless system available, delivering rich PBX functionality over a dedicated proprietary wireless network and supporting digital TDM and analog interfaces.

Cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly DECT solutions

The Spectralink 7000 Portfolio wireless solution is built on the international DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard, providing a cost-effective, highly secure, and reliable wireless telephony solution. The modular nature of the Spectralink 7000 Portfolio allows customers to easily expand coverage, voice traffic, and number of users, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes to improve employee productivity, mobility, reaction time, and personal safety.

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