Aastra Office Phones

Aastra Telecom entered the telecommunications market in 1992 and became the #1 volume supplier of Caller ID equipment by 1999. Starting in 2000, the company began expanding their portfolio with acquisitions of telephone and telephony server product lines from major providers such as Nortel and Lucent. Today Aastra develops IP-PBX systems for small business as well as a complete line of Analog, Digital, SIP, and Wireless endpoints for organizations of all sizes.

Aastra designs and manufactures telephones for the smallest business or largest enterprise.  Aastra VoIP phones are built upon open standards, supporting the SIP standard and the most common voice codecs. The full range of Aastra IP phones are interoperable with today’s leading VoIP phone systems such as Microsoft Lync, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, trixbox, Switchvox and of course Aastra’s own Aastralink Pro system.

    • 100% Focus on Enterprise Communications Aastra is focused solely on the Enterprise; our comprehensive product portfolio includes communications systems for enterprises of all sizes. We understand business challenges and design and deliver innovative solutions to address them.
    • Open standards Aastra has been at the forefront of the market evolution by supporting and truly embrace open standards and SIP. We strongly believe that open standards enable a better interoperability between different elements and help create a more flexible and complete solution.

Aastra Conference Units Telephony
Aastra Conference Units Telephony